Ambassador Milos Strugar delivers a seminar at Khazar University

On March 13, 2019, Ambassador Milos Strugar, Executive director of the Conflux Center and UN Senior Mediation Adviser, delivered a lecture at Khazar University. Ambassador Strugar’s Seminar, entitled "International and regional peacekeeping policy", was focused on inter-state and intra-state conflicts and mediation process in an occurrence of the conflicts. During the seminar the students were informed about the cycle of activities - conflict prevention and mediation, peacemaking, peace enforcement, peacebuilding - undertaken by the UN to maintain international peace and security throughout the world.

Ambassador Strugar’s seminar was followed by Q&A session.

Following the seminar, Ambassador Milos Strugar met with Dr. Elmar Mustafayev, Head of the Political Science and Philosophy Department. Opportunities for mutual collaboration in research between Conflux Center and Political Science and Philosophy Department of Khazar University were discussed during the meeting.

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