Students take part in a yoga training

    On October 28, 2018, Khazar University students, before mid-term exams, joined a yoga-meditation session guided by Bakhtiyar Sadikhov, a professional yoga trainer, in the Dada Gorgud park. The yoga session initiated by Nilufar Alizadeh, instructor of the Department of Psychology, was organized on the purpose of encouraging students for exams and promote a healthy lifestyle. The students welcomed the session and took an active part.

    People resting around also joined the session.

    A seminar “My Silent Film: Me and my Mirror” held

      On November 12, 2018, Malak Karimova, Coordinator of the Department of Psychology of Khazar University and Director of Khazar Psychological Service Center, conducted a seminar “My Silent Film: Me and my Mirror”, on an initiative of the Theology Institute of Azerbaijan. The aim of the seminar was to support young people to achieve more self-consciousness, comment on factors influencing their relations with themselves and the environment, and show them how silent inner talk affects their desires and motivations. The seminar focused on how young students can get a deeper insight into themselves and discover their own potential.

      The seminar was held on interactive method. The students and instructors were satisfied with the seminar and expressed their pleasure for collaboration with Khazar University.

      Seminar for first-year students held

        On September 27, 2018, on an organizational support of Nilufar Alizadeh, Instructor of the Department of Psychology at Khazar University, a seminar “Guide to be a student” was held. Students of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences participated in the seminar who were provided with information on how to cope with challenges of academic life. Students actively participated in the seminar and asked questions. Moreover, students were informed about the Center for Psychology and Consultancy at Khazar University where they can visit for support in case of need.

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