School of Humanities and Social Sciences

General Information

The idea of the School of Humanities developed a year after Khazar University was founded. The importance of nourishing the younger generation of specialists in humanities was prioritized by the University in 1992 and several departments were established henceforth. The school chose as its mission learning, preserving and spreading Azerbaijani national and cultural values embedded in our heritage as well as appreciating diversity and welcoming universal values.

Thus, a group of former high school students successfully admitted to the newly-established School of Humanities became pioneers in their field at this school, where English Language/ Literature and Journalism started to be offered as undergraduate majors and Eastern Languages as minors. 

In 2004, the idea of merging the School of Humanities with several departments at the School of Law and Social Sciences was discussed and in 2005 the School of Humanities transformed into the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. At present, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS) is the largest academic division at Khazar University and offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in a wide range of disciplines.

The faculty of SHSS is drawn predominantly from teachers and scholars with solid Western-European and North-American training. The student body at the SHSS is intellectually distinguished and diverse in interests. Since the primary language of instruction and research in English and the curricula correspond to the standards of leading higher education institutions in the West, students, faculty and researchers are capable of keeping pace with global developments in their fields, utilizing best practices and effectively communicating with scholarly communities all over the globe. 

Academic departments under the Dean's Office:

·Department of Languages and Cultures

·Department of English language and literature

·Department of Music and Fine Arts

·Department of Philosophy and Sociology

·Department of Law

·Department of Journalism

·Department of Design

·Department of Political Science and International Relations

·Department of Psychology

·Department of History and Archeology


Bachelor majors:

Master majors:

International relations

History and Theory of International relations

English language and literature

International Relations and Diplomacy


Area Studies

Area Studies

Conflict Studies

Political Science

World Political Processes


Linguistics (in English)


Translation (in English)


Clinical psychology


General psychology

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