Faculty and Staff

Hamlet A. Isakhanli (D.S., Professor) 

D.S. (Doctor of Science) in Mathematics, V.A. (Steklov Institute of Mathematics, Soviet Academy of Science, Moscow)

Ph.D. in Mathematics, Institute of Mathematics, Academy of Science of Azerbaijan and Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, (Lomonosov Moscow State University )

Combined B.S. and M.S. Program in Mathematics, Honors Diploma; (Department of Mathematics and Mechanics, Azerbaijan State University, Baku )

Research interests: Mathematics. Education. Literature. History of Science and Ideas. History of Culture and Education. Translation Studies.

Revan Rehimov (Ph.D. Associate Professor) 

Ph.D. in Chemistry (Institute of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Azerbaijan)

M.S. in Chemistry , Excellent (Red Diploma) (Department of Chemistry, Baku State University)

Research interests: Organic synthesis, Ecological chemistry (synthesis of novel surfactants and their application for removal of the petroleum films)

Dilbar Zeynalova (Ph.D., Associate Professor) 

Ph.D. in (Azerbaijan University of Languages, Azerbaijan)

Combined B.S. and M.S. Program in Russian Language and Literature add pedagogy ( Baku Slavic University)

Research interests: Literature, Translation, Culture, Education

Elza Semedli (Ph.D., Associate Professor) 

Ph.D. in Philology (Selcuk University, Institute of Social Sciences, Turkey) 

M.S. in Philology (Institute of Social Sciences, Erciyes University, Turkey)

Research interests: Historical And Modern Turkic Dialects, Literature, Linguistics, Education, Culture

Vurgun Eyyub (Ph.D., Associate Professor) Vurgun Eyyub 

Ph.D. in Philology (National Academy of Science of Azerbaijan)

Combined B.S. and M.S. Program in faculty of Azerbaijan language and Literature (Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University )

Research Interests: Azerbaijan Literature, Theory of Literature, Azerbaijani Prose, Folklore, Education, Education Policy, Social Research

Research interests: literature, teaching methods, Azerbaijani Prose, Folklore, Education, Education Policy


Araz Aslanli (Ph.D. Associate Professor) 

Ph.D. in International Relations (Ankara University: Institute of Social Sciences,Turkey)

M.S. in Management (Ankara University)

Research interests: Foreign policy of Turkey, Political and Economic Geography of World Countries. 


Reyhan Madatova (Ph.D. in Philology) 

Ph.D. in Philology (Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Institute of linguistics, Azerbaijan)

Combined B.S. and M.S. Program in Philology (Baku State University)

Research interests: Linguistics, History of Linguistics, Phonology


Irada Khalilova

Ph.D. in Biological Sciences, Division of Allergology & Immunology (Medical University, Baku, Azerbaijan )

Combined B.S. and M.S. Program in Biology, Division of Biophysics & Molecular Biology (Azerbaijan State University, Baku Azerbaijan)

Yegana Gozalova (Ph.D., Associate Professor) 

Ph.D. in History (Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences)

Combined B.S. and M.S. Program in History (Baku State University)

Research Interests: Medieval history, International relations in the Medieval history

Rovshan Abbasov (Ph.D. in Geography) 

Ph.D. in Geography ( Baku State University)

Combined B.S. and M.S. Program in Geography (Baku State University)

Research interests: Geography of Azerbaijan, World Geography, Envionmental managment and economy, Health, safety and environment


Mushvig Orujov (Ph.D., Assistant Professor) 

Ph.D. in Medical Sciences on Histology, Cytology and Cell Biology, Department of Histology, Embryology and Cytology (Azerbaijan Medical University , Baku)

Combined B.S. and M.S. Program in Physician, Faculty of Medicine, Honor diploma (Azerbaijan Medical University , Baku)

Research interests: Ultrastructure of the sheath, vascular, glial and nervous elements in the cns, Optic Nerve and PNS in norm and at a pathology; Ultrastructure of the blood-brain, blood-nerve, especially blood-optic nerve barriers; circulation and drainage of Cerebrospinal Fluid, Electron Microscopy and Immunohistochemical investigation of Nervous System; Pathohistological investigation of Skin Diseases.

Seadet Khudaverdiyeva (Ph.D., Associate Professor) 

Ph.D. in Biophysics and Ecology 

Research Interests: Biology, Genetics, Microbiology


Elmira Mammadova Kekech (Ph.D. in Philology) 

Ph.D. in Literature of Turkic People ( Azerbaijan National Academy of Science )

M.S. in Philology (Baku State University)

Research interests: Turkic Studies, world literature

Konul Mahiyaddinova (Ph.D. in General Pedagogy) 

Ph.D. in General Pedagogy (Azerbaijan Teachers Institute, Baku Slavic University)

M.S. in Theory and History of Pedagogy (Baku Slavic University)

Research Inerests: General pedagogy, history of pedagogy and education


Rukhsara Guliyeva (PhD in History) 

Ph.D. in History (Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences)

M.S. in Ancient and Medieval History (Baku State University)

Research Interests: History


Rashad Khaligov (M.A. in Computer Science)

Ph.D. in Computer Science (Khazar University, Azerbaijan)

M.S. in Development and Conception of secure software (Université de Franche-Comté, France)

Research interests: Hardeware and software solutions management components


Gulbeniz Mukhtarova (Doc. Ph.D.) 

Ph.D. in Chemistry ( National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan)

M.S. in Chemistry (Gazi University, Ankara, Turkey)

Khalid Mukhtarov (Ph.D. in Geography)

Ph.D. in Geography ( National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan)

Combined B.S. and M.S. Program in Geography (Baku State University)

Research: Meteorology, Hydrology, Disaster risk reduction, hydrology, climate changes, forecasting, meteorological observations. 

Sevinj Allahverdiyeva 

M.A. in German Languages (Azerbaijan University of Language)

Rafiq Yolchuyev 

M.A. in Business Administration (Khazar University)

Ulkar Bayramova 

Ph.D. student in Project Management (Tallinn University. Estonia)

M.A. in Pedagogy (Lankaran State University)

Oqtay Quliyev 

Ph.D. in Marketing (Sakarya University, Turkey)

M.A. in Marketing (Sakarya University, Turkey)

Huseyn Cafarov

M.A. in Biochemistry and Biotechnology (Baku State University)

Khuraman Nagizadeh 

Ph.D. in Pedagogy (Azerbaijan Institute of Teachers)

MA in Methodology of Elementary Education (Specialization and increase the Pedagogical the İnstitute of retraining)

Tarana İsayeva 

Ph.D. in Pedagogy (National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan)

Combined B.S. and M.S. Program in History ( Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University)

Eynur Mehdiyev

M.A. in English Language Teaching (Coventry University, Coventry, United Kingdom)

Tarlan Garayev 

Ph.D. student in Mathematics (Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan)

M.A. in Mathematics (Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan)

Ibrahim Nabiyev (Doctor of Science)

Ph.D. in Mathematics (Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan)

M.A. in Mathematics (Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan)

Javidan Aliyev 

M.A. in Meteorological forecasts (Russian State Hydrometeorological University)

Goshgar Maharramov 

Ph.D. in Supervision, Planning and Economics (Eskişehir Osmangazi University)

M.A. in Philosophy of Education (Ankara University)

Nazim Karimov (Ph.D., Associate Professor)

 Ph.D. in Differensial Equations (Moscow State University)

M.A. in Mathematics (Baku State University)

Aysel Heydarova

M.A. in Biotechnology (Norwegian Science and Technology University)

Aytaj Salimova

M.A. in Psychology, Developmental Psychology (Baku State University)

Gulafat Shafiyeva

Ph.D. student in Biology (Khazar University)

M.S. in Biology (Lankaran State University)

Parvana Salmanova

M.S. in Computer Science (Baku State University)

B.S. in Applied Mathematics (Baku State University)

Gatiba Makhmudova

Ph.D. in Turkic languages (Azerbaijan National Academy of Science)

M.A. in Linguistics (Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University)

Tunzala Seyfullayeva

Ph.D. in Literature of Turkic people (Azerbaijan National Academy of Science)

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