Rationale and Objectives

Rationale and Objectives


The SHSS is an organic academic unit where most of the programs and courses offered involve nontraditional concepts, explore interdisciplinary topics, and enable students to gain valuable exposure to:

• research frontiers in the professions

• policy and ethical issues

• historical and social perspectives on professional practice

The original programs of studying European and Modern Eastern Languages in the School could be valued as a phenomenon in comparison with other higher learning institutions in the country. The highly-developed programs in music and fine arts, apart from enjoying a special status across all schools at Khazar – since the study of at least several courses in this prog

Besides taking the courses of English and a Second Language, namely Arabic or Persian, students have a wide scope of opportunity to master other languages such as French, German, Italian, Chinese, Korean and more is obligatory for all students – are being increasingly used as models by other universities in Azerbaijan.

At SHSS students have an opportunity to gain knowledge and polish skills across a variety of disciplines in Humanities and Social Sciences, including English languages and literature, Political Science and International relations, Psychology, and Design programs. 

Accordingly, the main objectives of the School of Humanities and Social sciences are to conduct research in various fields of education, to develop educational policy and strategy, and to nurture future teachers with a breadth of knowledge in education, humanities, and sciences and equip them with advanced skills and modern teaching methods. Special attention is paid to transferring skills and knowledge that would enable the students to creatively combine national values and traditions with universal values and norms in their future teaching, research, and human development activities.

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