Elza Samedova 

PhD in Turkic Languages (Selcuk University, Institute of Social Sciences, Turkey) 

MS in Turkic Languages (Erciyes University, Turkey)

Research interests: Historical And Modern Turkic Dialects, Literature, Linguistics, Education, Culture

                                 Position: Dean of the School of Education

                                 E-mail: esemedova[at]khazar.org

Vurgun Eyyub

PhD in Philology, Associate Professor (Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University)

MS in Azerbaijan Language and Literature (Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University)

Research Interests: Azerbaijan Literature, Theory of Literature,

                            Azerbaijani Prose, Folklore, Education, Education Policy, Social Research

                                 Position: Head of the Department  

                                 E-mail: Veyyub[at]khazar.org

Dilbar Zeynalova

PhD in Philology, Associate Professor (Azerbaijan University of Languages)

MS in Philology (The Institute of Russian Language and Literature named after M.F.Akhundov, Azerbaijan)

Research interests: Literature, Translation, Culture, Education

Position: Teacher

Gatiba Mahmudova

PhD in Turkic Languages, Associate Professor (Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Institute of  Linguistics, Azerbaijan)

MS in Comparative Linguistics (Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University)

Research interests: Turcology, Linguistcis and Modern Azerbaijani Language

                                 Position: Teacher 

Elza Ismayilova

PhD candidate in Azerbaijani Language and Literature (Khazar University, Azerbaijan)

MS in Azerbaijani Language and Literature (Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University)

Research interests: Linguistics, Oral Literature, Education, Culture

                                 Position: Teacher

Reyhan Madatova 

PhD in Azerbaijani Language and Literature (Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Institute of  linguistics)

MS in Azerbaijani Language and Literature (Baku State University, Azerbaijan)

Research interestsLinguistics, History Linguistics, Phonology

Position: Teacher

Vafa Aslanova 

MA in Azerbaijani Language (Azerbaijan University of Languages)

Position: Teacher

Elmira Mammadova 

PhD in Turkic Literature (Azerbaijan National Academy of Science)

MS in Foreign Literature (Baku State University, Azerbaijan)

Research interests: Turkic Studies, World Literature

Position: Teacher

Ilaha Gurbanova  

PhD in Modern Azerbaijani Language (Azerbaijan National Academy of Science)

MS in Modern Azerbaijani Language (Baku State University, Azerbaijan)

Research interests:  Azerbaijani Dialectology, Ethnolinguistics

Position: Teacher

Sevinc Agayeva 

PhD in Linguistics (Azerbaijan National Academy of Science)

MS in Linguistics (Lankaran State University, Azerbaijan)

Research interests: Modern and Old Languages

Position: Teacher

Khatira Yusifova 

PhD in Philology (Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Manuscript Institute named after M.Fuzuli)

MS in Azerbaijani Literature (Baku State University, Azerbaijan)

Research interests: Old Azerbaijani Alphabet, Old and Medieval Azerbaijani Literature

                                 Position: Teacher

Gardashkan Azizkhanli

PhD candidate in Azerbaijani Literature (Khazar University, Azerbaijan)

MS in Journalism (Baku State University, Azerbaijan)

Research interests: Azerbaijan Literature, World Literature, Linguistics, Philosophy, Culture

Position: Teacher

Tunzala Seyfullayeva 

PhD in Azerbaijani Literature (Azerbaijan National Academy of Science, Manuscript Institute named after M.Fuzuli)

MS in Azerbaijani Literature (Tafakkur University, Azerbaijan)

Research interests: Turkish Folk Literature, Old and Medieval Azerbaijani Literature

                                 Position: Teacher