Faculty and Staff

Hassan Niknafs - Professor

Coordinator of Department Electronics and Telecommunications 

Ph.D. in Computational Fluid Dynamics (The University of Akron, Ohio, USA)

MS in Mechanical Engineering (Youngstown State University, Ohio, USA) 

E-mail: hniknafs[at]khazar.org   

Nuru Safarov - Associate Professor

Head of Department Electronics and Telecommunications 

Ph.D. in Physics, ANAS, Azerbaijan

MS in Radio Physics & Electronics, Dnepropetrovsk State University, Ukraine

E-mail: NSafarov[at]khazar.org

Irada Khalilova - Associate Professor

Ph.D. in Biological Sciences - Allergology and Immunology (Azerbaijan Medical University)

MS in Biology - Molecular Biology and Biophysics (Baku State University)

E-mail: ikhalilova[at]khazar.org 

Mushfig Orujov 

Ph.D. in Medical Sciences, Histology, Cytology and Cell Biology (Azerbaijan Medical University)

MS, Azerbaijan Medical University 

E-mail: morujov[at]hotmail.com

Zaur Karimov

Ph.D. in Biological Sciences (AMEA, Institute of Microbiology)

MS, Azerbaijan Medical University

E-mail: zaurkarimov[at]mail.ru

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