Faculty and Staff

Mahammad Sharifov - Associate Professor

Coordinator of Computer Sciences and Computer Engineering department

PhD in Computer Engineering (Institute of Information Technology, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences) 

MS in Control of Automatic Systems and Program Provision (Azerbaijan Technical University)

                                 Website: www.mahammad.infoE-mail: msharifov[at]khazar.org 

Seyed Amir Hossein Siahposhha

PhD in Computer Science (University of Salzburg, Austria)

MS in Computer Engineering (Tehran South Islamic Azad University, Iran)

E-mail: ssiahpoosh[at]khazar.org

Ahmad Babanli

PhD in Computer Science (Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Russia)

E-mail: ababanli[at]khazar.org

Rashad Khaligov

MS in Computer Science (Universite de Franche-Comte, France) 

E-mail: rkhaliqov[at]khazar.org

Lyudmila Sotova

PhD candidate in System Analysis, Management and Information Processing (Khazar University, Azerbaijan)

MS in Library and Information Science (Kiev National University of Culture and Arts, Ukraine)

E-mail: lsotova[at]khazar.org 

Leyla Muradkhanli

PhD in Management Information Systems (Azerbaijan State Oil Academy)

MS in Control Systems (Azerbaijan State Oil Academy)

MS in Energy Management (BI Norwegian School of Management, Norway)

E-mail: leyla[at]khazar.org

Farman Mammadov

PhD in Electrical Engineering (Institute of Cybernetics, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences)

MS in Information Measurement and Management Systems (Azerbaijan State Oil Academy)

E-mail: farman.mammadov[at]khazar.org 

Mazahim Guliyev

PhD in Technical Sciences (Azerbaijan Technical University)

E-mail: mazahim.guliyev[at]gmail.com

Abdulsalam Salihu Mustafa

PhD candidate in Computer Science (Khazar University, Azerbaijan)

MS in Computer Science (University of Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire, UK)

E-mail: abdulsalam.mustafa[at]khazar.org

Asim Namazov

MS in Distribution of Networks, Information and Communication Systems (Azerbaijan Technical University)

E-mail: asimnamazov4[at]gmail.com

Izat Shahsenov

PhD candidate in Petroleum Engineering (Khazar University, Azerbaijan)

MS in Applied Physics and Mathematics (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia)

E-mail: izat.shahsenov[at]khazar.org

Parvana Salmanova

MS in Computer Science (Baku State University, Azerbaijan)

E-mail: psalmanova[at]khazar.org

Lamiya Namazova

MBA, Finance (Khazar University, Azerbaijan)

E-mail: lnamazova[at]khazar.org

Rahman Rasulzada

MS in Control System Engineering (Texas A&M University, College Station, USA)

E-mail: rahman.rasulzada[at]khazar.org

Ismayil Ismayilov

PhD in Systems Analysis, Control and Information Processing (Institute of Cybernetics, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences)

MS in Engineering (Azerbaijan State Oil Academy)

E-mail: ismayil.ismayilov[at]khazar.org 

Parvana Hasanova

PhD in Mathematics

Javidan Feyziyev

MS in Automation and Information (Azerbaijan State Oil Academy)

E-mail: javidan.feyziyev[at]khazar.org

Ulviyya Ahmadova

MS in Business Administration, Production & Operations Management (Azerbaijan State Oil Academy & Georgia State University)

E-mail: ulviyya.ahmadova[at]yahoo.com

Zeynab Muradkhanli

MS in Information Systems (Azerbaijan State Oil Academy)

E-mail: zeynab.muradkhanli[at]khazar.org 

Shahla Ahmadova

MS in Computer Engineering (Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University)

E-mail: ahmadova06[at]gmail.com

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