Department of English Language and Literature

The mission of the English Language and Literature Department is to instill in our students a deep appreciation for language and its application to the needs of society.  We seek to provide foundational skills, attitudes, and knowledge necessary for students to make meaningful contributions in the fields of English Language Teaching, Linguistics, Translation, and Literary Studies. As part of its mission, the English Language and Literature Department administers the Khazar University English Language Requirements program which prepares students to perform with excellence in the English language academic environment of the university. The English Language and Literature Department provides a unique environment for students to flourish in language and communication skills as a center for specialized instruction for non-native speakers of English. The English Language and Literature Department’s graduate programs provide advanced study in the disciplines of Translation, General and Applied Linguistics, and Literary Studies.  The goal of these programs is to promote academic research in these disciplines and academic growth in students.

Department of History and Archaeology

The study of history aims to provide a solid education that addresses fundamental questions about the nature of humanity, society, the past, culture, and the present. The Department of History and Archaeology has proven its high standards of scholarship and teaching. The mission of the Department is to provide students with knowledge about the origins and development of peoples in the past, to develop their ability to conduct research, analyze evidence, and express conclusions. The Department's primary mission is to train students to research, analyze, synthesize, and communicate accurate conclusions about change over time by using the historical method. Our particular scholarly mission is to preserve, advance, and communicate knowledge of humanity's past. This mission is reflected in the responsibilities of the History Department. In 2010, a new History and Geography major was opened in the School of Education within the Department of History and Archaeology (BS, MS, and Ph.D.). This program embraces issues and topics related to education, history, and geography, as well as interconnections among the three. Internships are a necessary part of the program, and students are given an opportunity for a practicum and internship at “Dunya” High School or other schools. The Department takes seriously our responsibility to mentor students and to help them gain knowledge of history and the professional skills of historians and geographers. The faculty focuses on its responsibility to teach critical thinking and communication skills at the same time as imparting the knowledge necessary for students' personal and professional development. In order to fulfill this mission, at all levels of our curriculum, we emphasize discussion and engagement with both primary sources and the interpretations of various scholars. From our general education courses through advanced seminars, regular opportunities for small-group discussion are a prominent feature of almost all our courses. The Department offers fundamental courses in the history of world civilizations, covering such issues as a history of ancient and medieval human societies and history of Asian, European and American cultures, as well as courses in archaeology, ethnology, and anthropology, and minor problems in history. The Department also provides courses related to university requirements on the history of the Azerbaijani nation, including its evolution, culture and historical development, as well as relations of Azerbaijan with other Caucasian peoples and neighboring countries such as RussiaIranTurkey. The Department improves the teaching process by using visual aids, historical maps, video materials, and others. The Department’s specialized library is still being enriched by the valuable historical material. Within the teaching process, the Department arouses students’ interest and strives to constantly involve them in creative and independent work. Students make various presentations, write essays, and actively participate in scientific seminars and conferences held by the Department. The Department also has strong links with the State Archives, various educational institutions, and historical museums. Historical attractions in various regions of Azerbaijan are among the favorite places to visit for the university students and visiting scholars.

Department of Philosophy and Sociology

At present, the basic fields of academic and research activity of the Department of Philosophy and Human Studies are grouped into three divisions:

• Philosophy (comprising a wide range of philosophical disciplines concerning the history of philosophy, philosophy of religion, political philosophy, relations between philosophy and literature, and philosophy and linguistics)

• Sociology and Social Psychology

Other fields of humanities and social sciences (e.g. study of Arts and Culture, Social and Cultural Anthropology). Various courses offered by the Department are taught practically in all schools of the University as electives in general education requirements. The disciplines offered by the Department are included as the major, major related and minor courses required for bachelor and master degree programs at the School of Law, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, and School of Economics and Management. The faculty of the Department is composed of scholars with solid teaching experience and varied research interests. All teaching faculty members have a strong academic background in their respective fields and have published widely. Distinguished visiting professors from foreign countries complement the full-time faculty. The Department supports several interdisciplinary graduate programs leading to masters and Ph.D. degrees.

Department of Psychology

A global community recognizes that events and forces such as major social changes, massive population growth, widespread human rights violations, increasing crime, violence, and substance abuse as well as increased awareness, communication, learning and sharing of knowledge associated with globalization are primary socialization influences affecting human wellbeing in contemporary societies. Thus, people may face with various biopsychosocial undesirable events and tend to have a high level of anxiety, stress and even burnout which lead a demand for psychologists.

Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behavior as well as multifaceted discipline. Psychologists investigate many sub-fields of study such areas as motivation, emotional well-being, conscious, human development, sports, health, clinical, social behavior and cognitive processes. Currently, there is an increasing demand for psychologists because of the high rate of psychological issues.

The Department of Psychology was established in 2010. The program combines the theory and practice of psychology and teaches techniques of individual and group psychological counseling and care, which are essential for a successful career in the field.

Why study Psychology at Khazar University?!

  • High-quality education in English
  • The education system based on the experience of the world's leading universities
  • Opportunities to continue education abroad
  • The foreign-trained staff as well as highly-educated professionals from Azerbaijan
  • Experience in clinics and hospitals
  • Possession of regular seminars, courses and conferences for professional development at the Khazar Psychology Counselling Center

To Whom is this occupation suitable for?

  • People with verbal and written communication skills
  • People with analytical thinking
  • Creative
  • Patient
  • Discreet
  • Listener

For the first time, we organized the first International Psychology Conference in Azerbaijan as a Khazar University in order to learn and promote the latest achievements in psychology. It is an honor and proud to host such an international conference at Khazar University for our students.

Career opportunities:

  • hospitals
  • polyclinics
  • orphanage
  • educational institutions
  • psychological service centers
  • almshouse
  • industrial areas

Depending on the field of psychology they may work as a clinical psychologist, child psychologist, family psychologist, etc.

Department of Journalism

The primary goal of the Department of Journalism is to prepare students to become intelligent, responsible and articulate journalists. The department is committed to the belief that the best journalism education combines a strong professional program with a thorough education in the liberal arts and sciences. It believes that such an education helps students to hear, understand and tell the stories of people whose circumstances or backgrounds are unlike their own. The department occupies a unique position within the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. It is the department whose primary mission is to prepare students for a particular career. The department values the research, teaching, and service of its colleagues in other departments. It values these things for their own sake, and also for the educational depth that they provide to our students. We remain committed to the idea that our majors need a strong liberal arts background to understand the world, and a strong journalism background to report on it. The department encourages its students to study other fields in depth and to complete second majors in other departments in the school. It also encourages students from other departments to complete a second major in journalism, enhancing their educational and career opportunities. The department also contributes to the college by offering instruction to a substantial number of non-majors who seek to improve their writing, interviewing and research skills, or to learn about the news media.

Department of Languages and Cultures

Established in its present form in May the 1st 2015, on the basis of two departments: the Department of Eastern Languages and Religious Studies and the Department of Modern Languages and comparative literature, the Department of Languages and cultures provides possibilities for studying both world languages and cultures. The department is devoted to a wide range of Western languages like German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian etc. as well Eastern languages as Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, Urdu etc. The Department also focuses on ancient and modern cultures of the West and the East. Among the main goals of the Departments are the following:

To develop students’ proficiency in modern foreign languages of the West and the East through improving four language skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing).To expand students’ understanding of the cultural-historical knowledge and the world’s cultural diversity through integrative and critical thinking, analytical studying on cultures, religions, societies. To conduct researches and organize various programs on new approaches to teaching foreign languages, the study of cultures and cultures


Department of Music and Fine Arts

The Department of Music and Fine Arts of Khazar University is engaged in a broad range of activities in its role as one of the main educational/training structures of the university. The Department of Music and Fine Arts creates opportunities for all students to participate in various spheres of art and music regardless of their academic majors, and some of its subjects are included on the list of required subjects for university students. The department also creates an environment for students to learn about the heritage and history of Azerbaijani and world music through the programs that it provides. It coordinates exhibitions of professional and talented graphic artists, tours of foreign theater and concert groups, and meetings with respected artists. These continual activities have turned Khazar University into one of Baku’s richest cultural centers. Khazar’s song and dance ensemble has given performances in Europe, Turkey, Qatar, and Georgia, and has won several competitions. The Khazar University ensemble performs Caucasus, Russian, Spanish, Arab, English, Italian, Persian, Turkish, Gypsy, and other national songs and dances. According to the university policies, the department coordinates various courses for students to obtain high-quality professional training in music, dance, choir, and carpet making. At the same time, the department also continually offers specialized courses such as art history, world arts and culture, and Asian and European cultures. In addition, this department plays a foundational role in the development of Khazar University in the field of culture. For this reason, the department created concert halls in both university campuses, including the famous “World” concert hall in the university’s downtown (Baku) campus. The department is involved in both education and research as well as maintaining relationships with other organizations to enrich the cultural life of the university, producing concerts and shows, and playing an important role in graduation ceremonies and other events. The department’s main goal is to organize training in fields related to national arts of Azerbaijan in order to create performance opportunities so students can develop their artistic and intellectual skills, musical knowledge, and understanding of arts such as music and carpet making. At the same time, the university auditoriums are used for events, rehearsals, and concerts of other groups besides the university, making a contribution to the development and propagation of Azerbaijani and world cultures. The subjects offered by the department are carried out with the aim of promoting foundational Azerbaijani aesthetic values. Every student can choose a field in line with his or her preferences in order to more deeply learn the national culture. For the duration of their studies at Khazar University, students can participate in music, dance, theater, and other groups and at the same time can earn academic credits by taking classes from well-known specialists in mugham, folk music, classical music of Azerbaijan and the world, voice, choir, carpet making, jewelry making, and national costume design. The Department of Music and Fine Arts is also responsible for running several centers, including the Carpet Museum, the Jewelry Museum, and the National Costume Museum.

Department of Political Science and International Relations

The Department of Political Science and International Relations offers degree programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The undergraduate degree programs include Political Science, International Relations, and European Studies. The postgraduate programs include Masters and Ph.D. degrees in International Relations. What are the distinctive features of our degree programs?

  • The medium of instruction is mainly English;

  • Our programs are designed in line with the programs of world-class universities as well as the Azerbaijani state standards;

  • Our programs include country-centered as well as region-centered courses which also attract foreign students;

  • Classes are taught by lecturers educated in leading world universities as well as experienced senior lecturers;

  • Our programs combine theoretical knowledge with practical experience (mandatory placement offered as of the 2015-2016 academic year);

  • Extracurricular activities such as field trips and seminar series are delivered by scholars, experts, and practitioners;

  • The department conducts a number of annual scholarly events such as Jean Monnet Seminar series, crisis simulation exercises, summer schools, and thematic conferences.


Department of Law

The essential mission of the department is to help students meet the demands of a rapidly changing legal and professional environment. The department is a center of legal scholarship, whose members work to enlarge society's understanding of law as well as its underlying policies, legal institutions, and legal processes. The department shared the school’s Administration policy--- to have a faculty composed of specialists with a broad range of professional experience and wide academic interests while sharing the commitment to teach. The knowledge and experience of the department's faculty afford students the opportunity to examine the law in its broadest context and provide them with specialized courses in various areas of law. The Department of Law is truly a “global” school with strong connections to the International legal and educational communities. The international activities of the department include visiting professorships, publications in foreign journals and participation in international symposia and conferences. Most members of the faculty are involved in certain activities abroad, are experienced in private practice and work as consultants and advisers to governmental and non-governmental agencies. Faculty involvement in such complement and enrich their instruction and contribute to realizing a practical orientated legal education. The teaching staff of the department develops its skills by participating in various seminars and conferences both in and outside the country. In all the courses, a strong emphasis is placed on the development of skills, whether academic, e.g. those required by legal research or "life skills", e.g. effective oral and written communication in a professional setting. A comparative analysis approach is another method used by the teaching staff, which considers the rich experience of various legal systems and analyzes them during the teaching process. Distinguished visitors from foreign countries and local specialists who are reputable experts in different areas of law contribute to the development of the department.

The Legal Education Center - was established with the support of Azerbaijan Lawyers Confederation and the US Agency for International Development (USAID) within the “Azerbaijan Rights Consortium” project in January 2013. The purpose of the Azerbaijan Rights Consortium Project (ARC) is to increase the effectiveness of civil society and legal professionals to better defend the rights and interests of citizens and to improve the rule of law. 

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