Yaz 2018

Introduction to Computer Science 

Internet Architecture 

Information Security 

Computer Applications in Engineering 

Computer Applications in Education

Cisco Certificate Network Administrator 1 

Computer Organization

Embedded systems

Internet Programming 

Web Programming 1

Web Programming 2

Teaching Methods in Computer Science

Machine Learning

Soft Computing

Fundamentals of Computer Programming 

Wireless Communications 

Data structure

Data Structure and Algorithms

Computer Applications in Business

Operating Systems

Software Engineering

Computer Graphics

Introduction to Theory of Computation

Very Large-Scale Integration Circuits and System Design

Operations Research and Optimization

Payız 2017

Computer Application in Engineering 1 A

Computer Application in Engineering 1 B

Computer Application in Engineering 1 C 

Computer Graphics 

Web Programming 1 A

Web Programming 1 B

Computer Networks 1 A 

Computer Networks 1 B

Database Management Systems A

Database Management Systems B

Artificial Intelligence

Software Engineering

Digital Logic 

Design and Analysis of Algorithms 

Multimedia Systems 

Advanced computer networks and communications 

Advanced Data Structure 

Parallel Computer Architecture

Advanced Object Oriented Programming

Distributed Systems

Optical Signals and Systems

Parallel Programming

Advanced Software Engineering 

Computer Security 

Data mining 

Yaz 2017

Computer Application in Engineering

Fundamentals of Computer Programming 1 A

Fundamentals of Computer Programming 1 B

Computer Organization

Web Programming 2 A

Web Programming 2 B

Data Structures

Introduction to Robotics

Operations Research

Introduction to Theory of  Computations

Information Security

Software Engineering

Soft Computing

Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Multimedia Systems

Computer Graphics 

Internet architecture

Machine learning

Wireless communication 

Embedded systems 

VLSI Circuits and System Design 

Programming Languages

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